Market Focus


While originally solely targeting the residential market as Gliosca Homes, the company has naturally progressed as its capabilities, experience and track record have matured.

As a result, in recent years Gliosca has focussed on markets where the high level of expertise it offers provides maximum benefits to its clients. It particularly specialises in:
• Commercial and industrial buildings – construction and outfit
• Large, custom homes / residential developments – construction, refurbishment, alterations and extensions

By focussing on this mid-sized, custom construction area Gliosca has been able to optimise its work methods and contractor base to match the requirements of projects of this scale and complexity, thereby providing better value to clients by ensuring projects are delivered efficiently and to specification.

The mix of commercial and large-scale residential work enables Glisoca to deliver beneficial cross-pollination in capabilities and services.
For example, Gliosca’s experience means it can properly evaluate the application of cost-effective construction techniques used in commercial properties for residences. In a similar way it is also able to provide high end finishes in commercial properties through the use of tradespeople familiar with working on large, luxury homes.

Glisoca’s work on luxury tourist accommodation that combine both high-end residential and commercial requirements are prime examples of the benefits of the synergies that the company can achieve.



To ensure clients benefit from their extensive combined experience and skills, Gliosca applies a successful small business ethos characterised by hands-on, customer-facing management in which the Directors are directly involved with all projects the company undertakes. This approach:
• Reliably and efficiently delivers high level capability and quality through experience and skills that have outgrown those typically employed for standard residential construction; and
• Avoids the high overheads and administration costs typical of large-scale, fully integrated construction companies.

By having the company’s Directors fully immersed in the process, Gliosca is perfectly positioned to ensure its client’s emerging vision is translated into a reality that balances form, function and budget.
The brothers act as project managers throughout – from conceptual development with the client through architectural and engineering design; client and regulatory approval; contractor and materials selection; construction; approval and handover.

During construction this includes in-depth on-site supervision of the work being undertaken, to ensure that all details and individual decisions are fully informed by the brothers’ thorough knowledge of the project, the client goals, and their extensive experience.

Gliosca has well-established processes for safety and environmental management. All projects and major sub activities are assessed for potential safety and environmental hazards prior to the work being undertaken, with contractors also required to undertake appropriate job safety analysis prior to commencing.

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